Colusa Medical Center

Colusa Medical Center is exceptionally prepared to respond to COVID management in both the inpatient and outpatient arena.

Those patients who are symptomatic (cough, fever, shortness of breath) and feel that emergent care is necessary may use our emergency services located at the hospital. In the emergency department, patients are screened to determine whether they reach the criteria of admission to the hospital. If they do not, they will be referred to their primary care physician or our outpatient clinic for follow-up care and COVID-19 testing and provided with instructions and information about Coronavirus.

If a patient meets inpatient admission criteria, they will be admitted to our isolated wing for COVID-19 and potential COVID-19 patients. Each patient will be assigned a private room and assigned nurses that care for only COVID-19 positive or “unknown COVID-19 status” patients. Patients will remain isolated and cared for by Hospitalists who stay on site. If found to be COVID-19 positive, the patient’s condition will continue to be monitored closely until the patient meets the current guidance and recommendation for release from isolation, usually 10-14 days. Patients may be discharged home before that time if their condition allows, and your provider feels that you can quarantine safely.