Colusa Medical Center

Chaplin Services

The Colusa Medical Center, LLC will provide bereavement services to surviving family/caregiver members for up to one year if your loved one passes away. These services facilitate a normal grieving process to help the family members regain functionality back in their lives. The bereavement plan will be developed based on an initial assessment of the patient and family/caregiver needs, during the course of care, and at the time of the patient’s passing away as part of the comprehensive assessment. Expert hospice nurses and social worker are actively involved in assessing the patient and family needs. We care about our community and want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even though you might be battling a significant loss in your life. It will include: patient and family/caregiver loss issues, survivor needs, social, spiritual, and cultural factors, services to be provided including individual counseling, support groups, and letters and cards, referrals to be made, grief risk factors and potential for pathological grief reactions. Even though this service is for a short duration, it is provided to enable the surviving family members and loved ones to verbalize their grief to experts at our facility.