Colusa Medical Center

Complaint Process

Complaint Process

We work our hardest to ensure that you receive high-quality, effective, and friendly care while at Colusa Medical Center. Should you have any complaints about the nature or quality of your care, you can submit your complaints to anyone on staff or by calling Colusa Medical Center at (530) 619-0800 and asking for the Quality Department.

Our staff will work hard to ensure your complaint is addressed in a timely manner. Your complaint will in no way affect your future access to treatment at Colusa Medical Center.

If you would like to direct your complaints to state or federal oversight organizations, please contact:

  • The California Department of Health Services’ Licensing and Certification Program, 126 Mission Ranch Blvd., Chico, CA 95926 or by calling 1-800-554 0350.
  • CIQH (for accreditation oversight) by submitting a complaint here


Advance Directive Complaints

Complaints concerning compliance with advance directive requirements may be filed with the California State Department of Public Health by calling 1-800-554-0350.