Colusa Medical Center


Inpatient "Swing bed"


Colusa Medical Center is a rural General Acute Care Hospital that can accept certain short-term patients who require skilled nursing or rehabilitation services.

A “Swing Bed” is a service that CMS (MediCare) allows in small acute care hospitals to rehabilitate patients who would otherwise go to a “Nursing home.” Our swing bed care is provided in our general acute care unit, which enables us to provide more comprehensive care to our patients.

Swing bed services allow patients to receive skilled nursing care, and rehabilitation therapy after acute hospital care is no longer required. Still, the patient needs short term services that cannot be reasonably provided at home.

Typical swing bed rehabilitation is 4-6 weeks but can be up to 3 months, depending on individual needs. 


Benefits of utilizing Colusa Medical Center “Swing Bed” over a traditional skilled nursing facility include: 

We are proud that Dr. Ruth McLarty, board-certified General Surgeon, has joined Colusa Medical Center and Colusa Health Clinic. Dr. McLarty attended Loma Linda University School of Medicine, both in medical school and residency, then fellowship at St Vincent Health System. Dr. McLarty formerly practiced at Adventist Health Feather River Paradise for many years and currently lives in Chico. Dr. McLarty values providing exceptional care to rural communities.  

For further questions regarding our swing bed services at Colusa & Glenn Medical Centers, please call (530) 934-7806 or (530) 619-0800