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Heartiest Welcome to Colusa Medical Center

We are committed to always provide you individualized and holistic care at Colusa Medical Center and affiliated clinics located at Colusa Health Clinic, William Health Clinic, Arbucklehealth Clinic, First Care Medical Orland, and Frontier Village Family Health Red Bluff. Our experienced and exceptional healthcare providers give you the holistic, safest, friendly, and compassionate care at each of our locations. All our facilities are equipped with modern healthcare technological equipment and Telehealth services for your unique healthcare needs. Our compassionate and competent nursing and paramedic staff are self-motivated andwell trained to enrich your experience while receiving healthcare services.
Please explore the useful information about our healthcare facilities, providers, and services on this website.
We welcome your comments, recommendations, and suggestions for the collaborative empowerment to enhance our standards of excellence and vision.
Colusa Medical Center Leadership
199 E. Webster Street
Colusa, CA, 95932